When was the last time you slow danced? I’m talmbout arms locked around necks and waists. Bodies pressed against each other. 70’s funk, soul and r&b inspiring intimacy. A sensually synchronized groove.

February 14, 2020, we Slow Dragging.

Slow Drag was conceived from the desire to bring slow grooves of the 70’s to music enthusiasts in an intimate setting, devoid of pretension, steeped in closeness and camaraderie.

If you’ve ever wanted to just kick back to sounds you’ve grown to cherish…

If you’ve ever wondered about where the night could go with that cutie you’ve been eyeing across the room…

If you’ve been missing the closeness of a warm body, no strings attached…

Come get your Slow Drag on…

Grooves courtesy of vinyl enthusiast and spinner Lady Marauder of the World Famous Pyramid Music

Pop-up portrait session by Melissa Alexander of Phyllis.Iller (early arrival strongly suggested. session is only from 10:30pm-11:30pm)

General tickets $20
VIP tickets $30 (includes fly gift and one drink ticket)

Parking very limited. Rideshare highly encouraged.

Cash (App) bar

Check out the FAQs if you have more questions

Video by Melissa Alexander