Video by Melissa Alexander
  • Is this for couples only? I mean, it IS on Valentine’s Day.
    • Actually, this wasn’t created with couples in mind AT ALL. it’s really on some “girl sees boy, boy sees girl, girl and boy dance close, boy and girl might be feeling each other so they bout to see what’s up” type vibe. Couples are welcomed but single, open-minded folks are who this is for.
  • Should I dress up like the 70s? What’s the dress code?
    • The 70s had some fly style but this isn’t a costume party. You can save your afro wigs and leisure suits for another time. Just come as your fly and sexy self.
  • Where is this happening? I don’t see an address.
    • To maintain exclusivity, the address won’t be shared with ticket holders until 24 hours before the event. But rest assured that it’s in a fresh ass, intimate spot in East Atlanta.
  • What’s parking like?
    • Parking is very limited. Ride-sharing is highly recommended. Details on more parking options will be provided with address after purchase. But just know, parking is not abundant.
  • I wanna wait to buy my ticket. Can I just show up and buy at the door?
    • Nope. You can’t buy at the door because you won’t know the address. You’ll only get the address if you buy a ticket here.
  • Ok, I get it. I still wanna wait. I’m good if I wanna wait until the day of, right?
    • Maybe. But maybe not. Capacity is limited so once that numbers been reached, more tickets will not be released. Better get your ticket now!
  • Is Slow Drag queer friendly? I wanna be in a safe space.
    • Yes! Ain’t no discrimination or hate over here. You are safe at Slow Drag. Come on in and get comfortable.

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